Permanent Sole Charge Nanny

A Permanent Sole Charge Nanny is dedicated to the care of children with total responsibility for all aspects of the children’s wellbeing without parents’ supervision.

The care service offered involves a comprehensive balance of:

  • Planning, following and modifying a child’s routine
  • Implementing activities based on the child’s interests and needs, as well as taking parents’ requirements into account
  • Coordinating and attending social activities such as playgroups and playdates
  • Preparing nutritional and balanced meals
  • Light housekeeping
  • Reporting to the parents throughout the day

A Permanent Sole Charge Nanny can work full time (35+ hours per week) or part time (up to 35 hours per week) and can be live-in or live-out.

Benefits of a Sole Charge Nanny

  • Focus only on your children and your family’s needs
  • Comprehensive and ongoing care
  • Stability of care for your children
  • Focusing the daily activities on your children’s individual needs and preferences
  • You know that your child is safe, happy and well looked after when you are at work

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Live-in Nanny

A live-in nanny is a person residing in the same house as the family or is provided separate accommodation by the family and have the same responsibilities and abilities as a live out nanny.  The salary for this type of nanny is lower than a live out nanny’s salary due to the accommodation and meals provided by the family.  A separate bedroom is a basic requirement, and sometimes their own bathroom too.   It is important for the nanny to have some personal space where they can rest without interruption outside of work hours.  The nanny may use their own or the family vehicle during work hours to transport children.  The family will reimburse fuel costs for the nanny if the nanny’s car is used for children’s transport.

Benefits of a Live-in nanny

  • Starts on time every day due to the live-in nature of the job
  • Flexibility with work hours
  • Lower salary
  • Regular babysitting can be a part of the package

A disadvantage of having a live-in nanny is a partial loss of privacy due to the often close living arrangements with the family.

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Au Pair

An au pair is often a foreign young person or student with minimal or zero experience with children who lives with the family and helps out with housework and child care in return for accommodation, food and pocket money provided by the family.  Au pairs usually work up to 25 hours a week.

While Exclusive Nannies only register experienced nannies, au pairs don’t meet our entry requirements however we can assist you in finding an au pair should you require one.  Please contact our office on: 0481 842 845  OR email us at: to enquire.


Casual Nanny

A casual or temporary nanny is a person who works for a family for up to 6 months, for example while your permanent nanny is on holiday or when you need an extra pair of hands.  All our nannies meet Exclusive Nannies’ strict requirements to deliver the best childcare services.

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Proxy Parent or Overnight Nanny

This type of a nanny service is perfect if you’re going to a wedding, weekend away, business trip or you just need a full night’s sleep.  The duration of employment is up to you.  It can be 1 night, weekend or a week.  The nanny is fully responsible for the care and well being of the children while you’re away.  Because all our employees meet the strict standards of Exclusive Nannies you can rest assured that your children will be in the best hands while you are not there.

Night nannies can also work while you are at home and need some guidance on the sleep routine for your children.  It is a great gift idea for new mothers.  The nanny can feed the baby during the night while the mother catches up on precious sleep.

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Mother’s Helper

A Mother’s helper is a nanny who works alongside one of the parents to offer assistance with childcare, meal preparation, running errands, shopping or guidance with routines and activities.  She can take sole care of the children while the parent needs to leave the house or have a rest.  It is a great way to relieve the stress of looking after children and running the household at the same time.

Benefits of a Mother’s helper:

  • Easy way to introduce a new person to the children
  • Extra pair of hands with childcare and household duties
  • Parent is able to leave the house anytime knowing the children are taken care of
  • Perfect choice for large families or new mothers with a second baby

Associated fees.


Nanny / Housekeeper

This type of service is perfect for families with older children.  The nanny carries out all the housekeeping duties including cleaning the house, preparing family meals, shopping and running other errands while the children are at school. When the children are at home the nanny focuses on taking care of the children such as planning and implementing afterschool activities, providing meals and helping with homework.  This service works well for both the family and the nanny.  The family only needs to employ one person to do two different jobs and the nanny can have one full time job.

Benefits of a Nanny/Housekeeper:

  • Great for families with older children
  • Employing only 1 person for 2 jobs
  • Time management flexibility

Associated fees.


Maternity Nanny

(Also known as Maternity Nurse and Post Natal Nanny)

This type of nanny is specifically trained and experienced with caring for newborn babies and new mothers offering care, advice and help ranging from advice on equipment, clothes and baby’s bedroom setup to establishing breastfeeding, sleeping and feeding routine while also focusing on the mother’s wellbeing.  Maternity Nannies usually work on a 24/6 basis for 1-12 weeks.  It is important to book one as early as possible because of the maternity nannies get several bookings lined up in advance.  We suggest to start looking and interviewing around the 5th month of pregnancy.

Benefits of a Maternity Nanny

  • Perfect for first time mothers
  • Great for parents with no relatives nearby to help
  • Eases the mother into her new role
  • Reduces sleep deprivation due to the 24/6 nature of the booking

Associated fees.



Babysitter minds children at their home or in a hotel room while parents go out in the evening.  Babysitters are usually booked from 6pm till 11pm but the hours can vary depending on the parents’ requirements.  Please note that the minimum booking duration is 3 hours.  Some parents prefer to put the children to bed before the babysitter’s arrival while others let the children stay up to meet the babysitter.  Either way is acceptable and it is entirely up to the parents’ preference.

All our babysitters are experienced career nannies who have been screened and trained.

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