Perks of employing a nanny

by | Sep 27, 2016 | Blog

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Employing a nanny can be the best choice you can make when looking for the right childcare. S/he can truly provide you with the finer comforts of life when it comes to your most precious loved ones in the world. It reduces the stress you may have about who would take care of your child and where would that take place. When you hire a nanny, you can trust someone with your baby, in the comfort of your own home. You need not rely on any other relative and inconvenience them in any way, or go through the hassle of picking and dropping your child at daycare.

There are several other perks of hiring one … read on to learn more.

  • No need to rush your child out early in the morning. Neither do you have to worry about getting them as well as yourself dressed and out the door before either one of you gets late. Your child can eat, nap, and basically do anything and everything in familiar surroundings and at their own leisure. No need to go through the routine of a daycare.
  • Another added value of having a nanny is the fact that your child gets full attention of an adult. In daycare adult supervision is split between several children and that can cause some level of stress among parents who would like their child to get more time and not be ignored. In daycare, the caregiver to child ratio is literally at its legal limit for profiting reasons. This is not so with a nanny, and your child would be given undivided attention.
  • Hours can be flexible which can help both you and the nanny out. For you, you know you can call in late and not worry about “closing times” while for the nanny it means extra money decided beforehand.
  • If you have 2 or more children, a nanny can actually cost you less money than a daycare. For daycare your cost multiplies, while for a nanny it can very well be divided. Cheaper by the dozen! Also a professional nanny may be able to handle whatever your little ones might throw at him/her while a relative in such a situation may want to back out altogether.
  • A diligent nanny would put your worries at bay and help you be more productive in the workplace. Also, if your child(ren) is/are sick, daycare may refuse to let them in, for fear of other children contracting the illness – especially in the case of a viral infection – and you could very well have to take day(s) off from work. With a nanny, you know your child(ren) is/are in good hands and you can breathe easy.
  • Sometimes it is much healthier to have the children at home rather than send them to daycare – as these places could be crawling with germs. You know your house is the safest for your children and having them in the best place is what is best for them
  • Nannies can also come in handy as an extra pair of hands to help you with housework as well. Not only do they look after your children but they can also reduce the workload in and around the house like running errands, doing the laundry, cook food and plenty of other things.
  • A nanny is a caregiver, and your children surely bond with their caregivers in no time. Losing one can be quite stressful for the child, and that can be expected more in daycare than in personal nannies (turnover ratio is more for daycare than personal nannies). This is why when hiring one you know that predominantly, the nanny would be there to stay unlike what you would get in a daycare. Also, in daycare, you do not know who is looking after your child. There is no personal touch. When you hire a nanny on the other hand, you know who is actually taking care of your child, reducing your stress levels.

Young mother giving her daughter piggyback ride

The best thing is that nannies can literally start feeling like extended family after a time. There is a bond not only between your child and the nanny, but the nanny and the parents as well. The level of trust increases as time passes and you are more and more comfortable with having your child taken care of by someone who is trustworthy and diligent.

You get added benefits in the form of having a helping hand back at home who can help you wind down after a long day at work and not have you worrying about getting things done because it has already been taken care of for you.

When you hire a nanny, it is also advised that you check you do a full background check or if using an agency make sure you speak with at least one of her/his previous employers. The agency will do a full background check before adding the nanny to their books. . It is well within your rights to ask questions and get satisfactory answers before you trust them with your child/children and your house.

Once you find the perfect fit for yourself, your family and especially your child, then go for this wonderful service and give full credits to the caregiver who literally spends hours taking care of your precious little one.

It can also be upon you, whether you want a live in nanny or one who comes in the morning and leaves in the evening. Each has its own advantages and it is really up to you what makes more sense to you and your wallet and resources.

Nannies have special training to take care of 1 or more kids, and they have special tricks up their sleeves to keep them occupied. Taking care of kids is no child’s play (pun unintended) and trained nannies make it look easy.

Hire yours today and give your child the best that is out there and feel stress free throughout the day.




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