Is First Aid training really that important?

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Is First Aid training really that important? Let us tell you.. 100% YES!

Imagine this: Your son had a bad fall. He broke a bone. What did you do to save the situation? Were you all frightened and panicked? Or you picked your first aid kit and cleaned him up yourself? As a parent or nanny, there’s no ruling out the possibility that from time to time, kids will get hurt or harmed while playing in the house, at the park, at school or even in the car.

The truth is, with children, anything can happen. How we respond to such emergencies is a part of being a devoted parent. Isn’t it sad that many child deaths could have been helped if only the parent or caregiver had been trained in first aid? You should prepare yourself to tend to your kids when they sustain injuries even before help comes. And you know the best part of it? As your kids watch you clean their wounds and apply disinfectants, they’ll also learn to be responsible for themselves and their siblings.

One of our nannies spoke of her first hand experience:
One day I hosted a playdate for the little boy I looked after and his friend from daycare. His mum and younger sister came too and we played and chatted for little while before I noticed that the 20-month-old girl started being lethargic and at closer look I noticed that her eye was swollen and her face blotchy. I told mum and she said that the little girl had a smoothie shortly before they arrived (which she had previously – with no issues). We agreed it was definitely an allergic reaction. She called ambulance while I dashed to the bathroom to get the first aid kit and the antihistamine drops I knew we had in there exactly for this reason – unexpected allergic reaction. I gave her the drops and soon she started feeling better. By the time the ambulance arrived she was perfectly fine. The paramedics told us it could have gone terribly bad very quickly if I didn’t act fast. We were all so relieved and I will always remember to have my first aid up to date and also to know the location and contents of the first aid kit. The mum told me she wouldn’t know what to do other than call the ambulance.” She also says that “because we nannies work with children all day, the likelihood of an emergency or the need for first aid is really high. It’s important to be ready and be able to help the child or others around us. It necessary to be trained t provide first aid.”

Obviously, there are more benefits of first aid training. Let’s take you through what first aid entails and why every parent or nanny should be first aid trained.

Breaking down First Aid

First aid involves the initial treatment or help which an injured child or adult receives before medical professionals arrive. Sometimes, first aid is what you need to save a life before the ambulance makes it down to your place. First aid training often includes courses on bleeding, poisoning, choking, burns, drowning, difficult breathing, stings and bites, seizures, and high fever. Other courses cover head and spinal injuries, broken bones, fractures and other communicable diseases. One of the essential medical techniques is CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) which can be applied when children experience suffocation or difficulty in breathing.

Why you need First Aid Training

  • It is a legal requirement for childcare workers to have a valid First Aid & CPR certificate – First aid certificate is valid for 3 years while CPR has to be renewed annually
  • The knowledge of first aid helps you to administer the right kind of treatment for a specific accident.
  • Since children often tend to stuff things in their nose or mouth or have accidental falls that affect their breathing, CPR can help you to save their lives before things get too late.
  • First aid training prepares you to be a responsible parent who can provide medical attention even when professional help is delayed.
  • Your knowledge of first aid builds your family’s confidence in you because they know that they can rely on you during emergencies.
  • Being first aid trained makes you a lifesaver irrespective of where you are.

How do you get Trained?

Are you already thinking that it’s going to be difficult to go to school for the training and still be a parent? Well, it’s not as complicated as it seems. You can take online courses without having to leave your house. If you can’t attend the regular classes, you can still get the benefits of the traditional classroom setting with manuals, videos and other materials made available. When you’re through with the course, you’ll have your examinations and get your certification.

First Aid Kit

As we mentioned earlier it is very important to know where the First Aid kit is located and what is in it. If you notice anything missing or out of date, tell the parents to replace it. For a comprehensive checklist of the First Aid kit contents recommended by the Australian government click here.
We also recommend to take a travel First Aid kit with you at all times when you’re not at home. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Remember that being first aid certified has many more benefits than your mind can conceive. Don’t you think that it’s best to prepare to cross this bridge before you get there? Take it upon yourself to be your family’s hero or be the lifesaver for your charge.

Do you need help with getting trained? Ring us, and we’ll guide you.





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