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For parents with hectic work patterns in a big city such as Sydney, hiring the services of a nanny is inevitable. However, you don’t want just any nanny. If you don’t want to worry about childcare and the usual long waiting list, choosing an in-home care system is the only way up. Your child’s well-being is as important as life itself, and this is why you shouldn’t employ strangers or people you can’t trust. How then do you get a nanny who’ll build a personal and lasting relationship with your children and you? At Exclusive Nannies we can help with that. All our nannies are experienced, personally interviewed with their references checked. However, finding a fantastic nanny is only the beginning of your journey of employing a nanny. The question is – “When you do find a great nanny, how do you get the best out of her and keep everyone (you, your children and your nanny) happy?”

Happy Nanny Equals Happy Kids

We can’t emphasize this enough. It’s great that you look out for the right qualifications and experience when choosing your nanny. But when it comes to getting the best of her service, you’ve got to give her the proper treatment she rightly deserves. For most nannies, nannying is a career choice and while some people still can’t see the importance of this profession or even acknowledge it as a profession, it is exactly that. Nannies have spent a long time gaining experience and qualifications. They are trusted with the lives of the children in their care, and often running the household too. That comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility. Which is exactly why nannies should be treated with respect. There is no reason that families should ever even consider suggesting to their nanny to work off the books – cash in hand (the only exception would be if the nanny is self-employed and pays her own tax). This practice shows lack of respect before the nanny has even started not to mention it’s illegal. This also could be a dangerous path for the family. Due to the unofficial nature of the work if anything should happen – such as an accident – the nanny would not be covered by any insurance and the legal repercussions would be huge. Cutting corners is just not worth it.

The next important step should be signing a legally binding contract specifically stating the nanny’s responsibilities, work hours, sick pay, annual leave, notice period etc. You can find a sample contract recommended by Exclusive Nannies here. Signing and sticking to it will get you on the way to the happy nanny, happy child and peace of mind for all.

Also, a nanny looks for excellent communication and a family that always appreciates her/him and respects her/his privacy. Since you know what your nanny wants, how do you marry it with what you require of her?

  • Treat her like a family member. Most nannies feel loved and trusted when you integrate them into your family and set a personal atmosphere. This way, she will most likely treat your children tenderly and with maximum attention.
  • Both of you should sign a contract. This contract is the exact definition of your expectations of your nanny, and her willingness and cooperation to provide the required service. Decide on the days she will be available and try to respect her wishes about other conditions.

Don’t go against the contract’s agreement unless she volunteers to take up smaller tasks. If the contract doesn’t state that she’ll wash the toilet or mow the lawn, don’t include that in her duties. Disrespecting your previous agreement will be a breach of contract which will not give you a happy nanny.

  • Make your expectations known from the outset. Establish the things you want and those you don’t support. If you don’t want the children to play in the yard, then let her know. If there’s no TV watching until they have had their nap, enforce it.
  • Never pay her less than her worth. Like it is in most businesses, you get the value of your money. If you pay her less, you get reduced services. But if you pay well, and even give rewards, your happy nanny will, in turn, produce happy children.
  • Always appreciate her. There’s nothing as good as being acknowledged. A simple ‘thank you’ is more than enough. As parents, you know that childcare is not always easy and the simple thank you at the end of the day will do wonders for her/him after a hard day.
  • Be attentive to whatever things she may have to share with you. Don’t shut her up or assume she knows nothing. Also if you are not willing to follow her suggestions, don’t ask. Asking her and then saying you followed your friend’s advice will make her feel undervalued.
  • Feedback is important. Ask your nanny questions about the children and the house. Getting this kind of information from her will help you assess her activities and performance.
  • Every job has its perks and a nanny’s job shouldn’t be any different – remember your nanny’s birthday and give her a card made by the kids, a nice gift or a day off. While giving you nanny a Christmas present or a bonus is not compulsory it will be appreciated. An afternoon off or a recommendation to friends are ways of rewarding her for a job well done. Other benefits such as Superannuation contributions on top of her pay instead of being deducted from her wage is a great benefit too.
  • Among other things, be polite and respectful. Never scold your nanny in the presence of your children. Remember that they are watching, and they learn very fast at their tender age. If she/he is disciplining your children in your presence, back her up. This is such a huge issue that nannies talk about. It makes all the difference in the children’s behaviour. If they see that you don’t respect her decisions, why should they?
  • Make it easy for her to interact with you, and you’ll be surprised at how much stress she will take off your shoulders.


When you are happy with your nanny, your nanny is eager and delighted to care for your children and stay for an extended time with your family. Ultimately, your children are happy and emotionally stable. So when hiring a nanny, never forget that happy nannies equal happy kids. Ultimately your nanny will become a part of your family and you’ll be close even after there will no longer be a need for her services.

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you’re looking for a nanny contact us now!




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