Easy Christmas craft ideas for kids

by | Nov 12, 2016 | Blog

Christmas Happy funny children twins sisters hugging Christmas is fast approaching and with it are the fun activities you can do with kids to keep them busy and get them to learn and practise new skills. At Exclusive nannies we love art and craft and we’re always looking out for new ideas. And that is why we’re bringing you these to look at and try at home. Isn’t it just great to find an art project which is easy, beautiful and most of all not at all messy? 🙂 We say YES!! [/caption]

Check out some of the ideas below and if you have some fabulous Christmas themed craft ideas too please share them with us on our facebook page www.facebook.com/exclusivenannies

Gluing tiny pom poms to pine cones. What a great and easy idea!

You will need pine cones, glue and pom poms. Done! You can even get a piece of string or a ribbon and tie it to the top of the to make a Christmas tree decoration.


Fabulous and practically no mess Christmas card.
You will need: card, glue, buttons and crystals if you’d like to make it extra shiny, pen .


Paper plates are a great item to have handy for any art project with kids.
Check out this Christmas wreath.

You will need: paint, scissors, ribbon and decorations.


Proving my point about paper plates… 🙂
You will need: 1 paper plate, green paint, brown paint, decorations and glue.


How cute are these Christmas figurines?!
You will need: Kitchen towel roll (cut in half), glue, coloured felt, ping pong balls, pen.


Cut out coloured card and stick any shapes and/or crystals on it. Done! 🙂

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